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By: prodesignsofficial | February 20, 2018

Before a decade or so, people were awestruck by the manners in which technology and specially computers changed our lives. The moments when we made ourselves believe that technology had reached its peak point, we were also jubilantly aware of the fact that more was waiting to get unfolded. Now when we look back to those years, we see radical changes that technological revolution has made to the way we live, the way we communicate, the way we socialize and even the way we work.

Technology now plays a leading role in creating the digital work available in almost all dimensions of the professional front. Be it websites, animations, portfolio design, presentations, signage, logos, and even architecture or any other field, these all have travel...

By: prodesignsofficial | December 08, 2017

All designers know the importance of professional logo design of any business. Every business needs its brand logo either small business or large business. It represents your brand or a company so it should be classy and effective. Yeah, you need to make your brand logo unique and attention-grabbing to stay in this competitive world.

If you’re a novice who has been just started logo designing or a professional logo designer, the mistake is such thing that everybody does. But don’t take it negatively, just accept your mistakes and next time try to avoid it when you start your next custom logo design.

Below listed are few mistakes which are commonly done by logo designers. These are the biggest mistakes which devalue your business. 
So, let...