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By: prodesignsofficial | February 20, 2018

Before a decade or so, people were awestruck by the manners in which technology and specially computers changed our lives. The moments when we made ourselves believe that technology had reached its peak point, we were also jubilantly aware of the fact that more was waiting to get unfolded. Now when we look back to those years, we see radical changes that technological revolution has made to the way we live, the way we communicate, the way we socialize and even the way we work.

Technology now plays a leading role in creating the digital work available in almost all dimensions of the professional front. Be it websites, animations, portfolio design, presentations, signage, logos, and even architecture or any other field, these all have traveled far down the lane since the beginning of the dawn of the digital revolution. Graphic designing also is no exception to this transformation. The demand for a professionally designed logo by a logo design company has increased by leaps and bounds in the market.

Evolution of Custom Logo Design

  • Past:

Humans have been identifying and differentiating other humans and things by emblems and signature marks since last hundreds or even we can say thousands of years. In fact, most of the symbolic designing work throughout recorded history was and is all about communicating the identity of something through visuals. The primitive description of history, people, and cultures were representing themselves and their ideas with symbols, illustrations, sketches and write-ups in local languages.

Heraldry is an ancient system that was followed for assigning different design elements to different societal meanings and status. A specific set of colors and shapes would represent a particular noble family, any particular objects and other life elements. The same goes even with identifying any brand through its logo design that includes specific shapes and color.

  • Present:

At any point in time, when the topic of branding a business catches attention, company logo design is the first and foremost thing the majority of people think about when they are bombarded with information of any product or service. People instantly create an image of the company, and its logo within seconds in their minds. This is the consequence of how any business is recognized by the customers in a market where there is a variety of suppliers of a particular product or service. Entrepreneurs claim that their logo is an asset for the company because it not only adds charm to the brand but also speaks volumes about what the business is all about. This is the only reason why companies do not mind paying a significant amount to logo designers who create unique and exceptionally professional graphic design for them.

The most sorted marketing strategy to regain market share involves changing the logo which depicts the importance of logo design for any business in today's competitive markets. While comparing the logos used in earlier times and the modern day logos, there are sky high differences. Technological development has to lead the creativity to be utilized in awestruck ways as a result of which the logos you see nowadays are bold and beautiful, meaningful, quirky, tactful, logical, modern logo design, minimalist logo design, geometric logo design, etc.

  • Future:

Companies across the globe are making continuous and conscious efforts to strengthen their brand identity in the market and their industry. The future of brand identity in a broader sense depends on the style of the modern logo design that is feasible for change with the development of new trends in the designing industry. The brand identity in the future will be focused on being more detailed, vibrant and charming one to highlight the uniqueness attached to custom logo design.

With the rapid pace of advancement of technology and the burning need of establishing the online presence for the businesses, there is a scope for the branding identity to shine out and be eminent through logo design. The logo stands as the flag bearer of what the company does and speaks about its products and services to the customers in the market at large.

Winding up

It is indispensable to continually analyze your logo design to ensure it is still reflective of the brand's identity and are in line with design trends. Furthermore, brands should tweak design elements as per requirements to ensure that any changes in the logo design do not happen at the cost of the brand recognition and goodwill in the market.

Be careful with not practicing shag carpeting at all for your custom logo design. Take the assistance of professional logo design company to get your logo design perfectly fitting into the frontier of requirements of your business and its identity. Custom logo design service blended with logo design techniques are the best combination to get the best logo design in the industry.


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