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By: prodesignsofficial | April 05, 2018

When we investigate the reasons behind the success stories of numerous corporate giants, we can surely list aside some of the most significant factors that lead to the success. One of them is the Logo Design. A logo is an icon through which any company gets its recognition in the market. Every successful company has a Personalised Logo Design that suits the respective company to which it belongs.

The logos of the successful companies carry their aim behind doing the business. The logos have their charisma that steals the hearts of the people in the market. The Logo Design speaks volumes about its company. Be it any company serving in any industry; the logo is the most crucial element for its brand creation in the market. A New Logo Design is all that you need to make your presence in the market felt.

Let us explore the five meritorious eCommerce companies and their logos at all times that have been ruling on the market:


Amazon is the world’s most exciting eCommerce platform that has brought all ends of the earth together. People from any corner of the world can buy and sell in any corner of the world. There is a very long and calculative thought process behind the Logo Design of Amazon. There is an arrow below the name that goes from A to Z, which signifies that people can buy anything and everything from this platform. They are on their toes to serve to every need of the people throughout the world. That arrow even reflects the smile that indicates that people can fulfill all their purchasing or selly needs and can be happy. It's one of the most effective logos of all times.

Amazon Logo


Moving on to another eCommerce website, naming it will be Alibaba. Alibaba is also considered to be one of the most chosen online buying and selling eCommerce platform on which the needs of the people and even the business houses can be catered. The Logo Design of it has a lowercase “a” written above its name. It has a smiling human face inside the “a.” it reflects the happiness of people after using the services of Alibaba. This is again an implied meaning that a logo demonstrates the joy of the people or the business houses that trade on Alibaba.

Alibaba Logo  


Walmart has been one of the world’s giant selling chain stores. The logo of Walmart has undergone through various modifications through the years of its history. It has the name written in all lowercase with the soft blue color of the letters. The name is attached to the sparks like design that shows that it is a sunburst. The spark reflects that Walmart stands for “innovation and inspiration.” they serve their customers base with innovative products and services that give their customers a feeling of satisfaction to purchase from Walmart.

Walmart Logo  


Shopclues is India’s leading eCommerce platform attracting the attention of the world’s largest business houses towards it. Its logo represents the trust, faith and the immense scope it carries with its business. Its tick mark is known as a favicon is in a blue color that depicts positivity that the company wants to pass on as a message to the society. The rest of the whole logo is in black and white uppercase bold letters that reflect strong, bold, robust and reliable company and its services.

Shopclues Logo  


eBay is counted amongst the most successful eCommerce websites serving worldwide communities for their requirements. eBay lets the people diversify their buying and selling the business by connecting to the world. The Logo Design is abstract as the letters are not placed in an orderly manner. They are placed up and down to reflect dynamic energy. The colors in the logo are very vibrant that depict the enthusiasm, entertainment factor, and the people’s power when they work with eBay.

ebay Logo  

Carefully glancing at all the above-discussed logos, we can conclude the following qualities in the Logo Design:

- the logo has a STORY attached to it.
- the logo carries and passes the MESSAGE to its company.
- the logo has UNIQUENESS in it that makes it one of its kind in the world.
- it has  STRIKING effects on the minds of the viewers, so the attention-catching power is the most.

All these qualities are inculcated in these logos that make the world's successful logos. Custom Logo Design Companies make it happen for your business to get the best logo for your company. Hire the services of a Professional Logo Designer to get out of the blue Logo Design and be listed among the world’s most successful companies with most successful logos of all times.


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