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By: prodesignsofficial | December 08, 2017

All designers know the importance of professional logo design of any business. Every business needs its brand logo either small business or large business. It represents your brand or a company so it should be classy and effective. Yeah, you need to make your brand logo unique and attention-grabbing to stay in this competitive world.

If you’re a novice who has been just started logo designing or a professional logo designer, the mistake is such thing that everybody does. But don’t take it negatively, just accept your mistakes and next time try to avoid it when you start your next custom logo design.

Below listed are few mistakes which are commonly done by logo designers. These are the biggest mistakes which devalue your business. 
So, let’s have a look at these 5 Mistakes to Avoid when you are doing custom logo design.

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1. Replicating Someone Else’s Logo Design

This is the most natural mistake that is done by many logo designers and logo design company as well. It might not be a mistake these days. But it is an all too common practice for the logo designers. They see an idea, and if he/she likes it, they do a quick mirror, color swap or a word change, and then they say this idea his/her own.

Having a logo too similar to someone else, especially a competitor, will both make your brand forgettable for your audience. So, don’t make this mistake! After all, your logo should be unique and original.

2. Using raster images

If you want a professional logo design, then don’t use raster images. Also, avoid using raster logo designing application, because it will not give you a quality logo design. So, make a practice of designing a logo using the vector graphic software such as Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw or any other vector graphic software.

The use of raster images can create some serious problems with reproduction. If you are zooming in on a raster image, it can make it look pixelated and unusable. In fact, you will see the difference of both logo designs.

3. Selecting poor font style

Your primary goal should be conveying your business with logo design. So, choosing the poor font style will not attract a maximum number of clients. It’s the very important to design a right font for custom logo design. Pay all your attention while choosing a font for your brand logo. Also, avoid using too many fonts for custom logo design.

After all, your business logo is the face of your brand or a company. So, design a logo that will leave a long-lasting impression on your customers’ mind.

4. Ignoring clients

It’s one of the most horrible mistakes to avoid when you are designing a logo because Customer Satisfaction is everything in any business. And this happens with many custom logo design company and logo designers. Sometimes you think you can design the best logo, but it is completely different than your client’s requirements. Ignoring your clients’ requirements means, you might fail in your business. Even you are wasting your time and your clients’ too.

5. Providing too many ideas

If you are providing too many ideas to your client, it’s not bad actually, but they will confuse easily. Don’t do this because you’re confusing your client. So, just provide 2-3 concepts, not more than that. If your client wants to see more concepts, then show him/her. Otherwise, avoid it.

So, these are the 5 horrible mistakes that logo design company and logo designers are committing. The professional logo design should be simple, unique and effective.

That’s all! Hope you understood all above mistakes and will make sure not to repeat them!


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